Property Development Consultants Sussex

As experienced Property Development Consultants covering Sussex, Surrey and the South East, we understand the areas, types of land and timescales our development clients are looking for.

Maybe you’re looking for a partner for a joint venture or an introduction to a Housing Association; you may want an introduction to a Solicitor specialising in Land Conveyancing. We can help.

Buy Development Land

We pride ourselves on our land experience having worked previously in developer companies here in the UK.

Our daily tasks consist of working with current clients, overcoming obstacles, and negotiating the multitude of legislative necessities to bring a development site to fruition.

Our insider knowledge of the residential redevelopment industry and our collaborations with industry experts will ensure you receive the right advice to make important land purchase decisions for your company.

Land & Brand New Homes offers specialist advice on all areas of land acquisition and purchasing development land for sale.

    Buying Land FAQs

    In which areas does Landpro Consultants operate?

    We operate throughout the UK but specialise in Southeastern counties including Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire and Kent.

    How does Landpro Consultants source land?

    Everything we do is strictly confidential.

    What are Landpro Consultants' specialties?

    Strategic land, unconditional and conditional purchases, Promotion and Option Agreements.

    What are the benefits of using the services of Landpro Consultants?

    We are committed to the whole process from site identification, through negotiating with all parties, to Completion; we are a cost to your business, not an overhead.

    How many plots does Landpro Consultants deliver annually?

    In 2017, we delivered 1153 ; on average, we deliver 1000 – 2000 each year.

    Do you use Option and Promotional Agreements to promote land for housing?


    How do we get in touch to discuss our requirements for land?

    Call our Land Team on 01903 692952 or email

    What experience do you bring to land-buying?

    28 years and counting – take a look at our Case Studies, they speak for themselves.

    Do you advertise available sites on-line or in print?

    No, all our sites are marketed discretely.

    How do you charge for your services?

    We charge commission on the successful negotiation of a site.


    Why Choose Landpro Consultants

    A specialist land agent with 30+ years of residential property experience

    Unrivalled professional reputation in the South East

    Excellent senior-level contacts in the property development industry

    Strategic land acquisition/disposal advice, with proven tangible successes

    Unique expertise in all areas of residential development consultancy

    Option and Promotion Agreement specialists

    Call or Email our experienced Land Team in confidence today!