How we can help you buy land in the UK

The land has always been a valuable asset but, add the possibility of developing that land into the equation, and landowners have never been in a stronger financial position. Given the current national housing crisis and the government’s plan to deliver 300,000 new homes per year by the mid-2020s, the land is in high demand for residential housing development.

Why buy UK land?

If you are thinking of buying land in the UK, with the specific objective to develop it, there are several investment strategies you could pursue, depending on the goals you wish to achieve.

Buy and sell:      

The easiest way to make a profit is by straightforward property flipping. Simply find land to buy below market value and sell it at a higher price as quickly as you can. No additional efforts are required on your part.

Buy and hold:   

Buy land at a good price with the intention of selling it when the local market has risen sufficiently to enable you to make a good profit. This investment strategy works well in up-and-coming areas though it may take years for it to pay off.

Buy, and sell with planning permission:

If you are targeting residential housing developers with the sale of any land you have purchased, obtaining planning consent prior to the sale will make your asset much more valuable. Working in close partnership with an experienced land agency such as Land & Brand New Homes will ensure the best outcome for all concerned.

Buy, develop and sell:

Rather than buying land in the UK to sell to a developer, you could decide to develop it yourself before you sell the property. Whether you choose to build houses on your land, set up your own vineyard or do other land-based business, getting the right planning consent is key to the success of your investment.

Buy, develop and rent:

Having purchased and completed your own land development, you may decide that leasing or renting, as opposed to selling the freehold, may yield a better return on your investment. This can apply to residential as well as commercial land developments.

Buy, develop and hold:

Finally, your investment objective may revolve around owning, developing and using the land long-term. Whether your goal is to buy UK land to build your dream home or set up a land-based business that you can run yourself, it’s an asset that is likely to appreciate and can be passed on to the next generation.

Buying land for development is a serious investment decision that should never be entered into lightly or without a thorough understanding of how this complex market operates. Most people wouldn’t dream of buying or selling their home without expert assistance, and the same applies to any property transaction, especially when there’s an additional ‘development dimension’ to be factored in. This is where Land & Brand New Homes can offer unrivalled expertise.

How Land & Brand New Homes can help

As an independent, first-generation family-run land estate agent business with nearly 20 years of experience in the industry, we work in partnership with our clients, providing deep insights and a highly effective single-team approach to align business objectives, and areas of expertise and resolve any issues arising.

Our policy of working in tandem with landowners, developers, councils and local stakeholders has given us an impeccable reputation for bringing forward land for residential development. Did you know that in 2017 alone, Bob Hilder and his team successfully negotiated 1,153 plots across several counties?

If you are looking for land to buy and sell for development, using an experienced land agent is highly advantageous for both parties. Focusing on land agencies in Sussex, Surrey and Kent, our team is a valuable source of market information in the South East, having developed long-term positive relationships with many local industry contacts. Networking and relationship building are key skills that we know we are extremely good at.

When it comes to selling your land for development, you may be faced with the might of seasoned property developers with their own team of planners and financiers. Protect your interests with expert advice and guidance throughout the process, provided by Land & Brand New Homes.

With our in-depth understanding and expertise, we can help you dissect the various offers to buy your land, and provide our objective opinions and sound advice to help you choose the best offer. And while some developers may be perfectly happy to deal directly with private landowners, many of the leading market players will insist on dealing with a professional land agent. That way, it’s a conversation between industry peers who speak the same language and understand all the technicalities involved – the planning process, legal requirements, different purchase options, timescales etc.

At Land & Brand New Homes, we provide specialist land acquisition advice, ensuring you receive the right guidance and advice to make important land purchase decisions for yourself or your company. To discuss your next property investment plans with someone who literally knows the lie of the land, please call us on 01903 692952, email or send us a short message here.